Rafters shopr front on Mother's Day 2024
Our shop front on Mother's Day 2024

Rafter’s journey began on various market stalls in Yorkshire during 1981. We began life
as a market stall greengrocer, priding ourselves on selling high quality, fresh produce from the best local producers. We always want to supply the finest produce we can find.
As the markets began to struggle, we realised we needed to look for a more stable way of doing business and eventually found premises for sale on the high street in Driffield. We opened our greengrocer’s business in 1997. We've done the lot. I know what high quality fresh produce looks like and I know how to source it. But more importantly, we know what poor produce looks like too. I don't touch cheap, low-quality produce.

We only source the best because we only supply the best.

As a Rafters customer you benefit from our knowledge, experience, and hard work.

I visit the wholesalers daily to make sure we get the best produce for the shop. We have strong links with East Yorkshire farmers to ensure that produce is supplied from our community for our community.

As we have evolved over the years, we began selling a bigger range of produce including fine foods from local artisan producers. We also began selling fine wine, champagnes, local craft beers & spirits.

In 2019 we were lucky to have won the Yorkshire Life Food and Drink Award for the Best Greengrocer, we were delighted with the recognition for our continued hard work and the quality of produce we pride ourselves on selling.

Our team has expanded over the years, and we are delighted to hire staff from all over the local area!

You can always rely on us for fresh fruit & vegetables.

We all work hard to provide high quality, healthy, nutritious food to our community