Bread & Cereals

Luke's Bread - WHERE IT BEGAN...
"My first memory is standing on a chair at my Nana's kithen table, stiring a bowl of cake batter.

I don't remember the cake, or what it tasted like; I just remember the enjoyment, the craft, of making food.

Every day from that moment on, my life has revolved around making, sharing and feasting on the food I've created."

Luke would love to grow the bakery business within the East Yorkshire region to supply even more shops, cafes and restaurants.

"We're bringing proper bread to East Yorkshire, one sourdough at a time.

Side oven bakery - WHERE IT BEGAN
The Sellers family have been farming at Carr House Farm in East Yorkshire for six generations. The Side Oven Bakery was founded in 2003 by Caroline Sellers around the farmhouse kitchen table. After a weekend’s breadmaking course in which Caroline had learned the basics, she returned inspired to build on this newfound skill. Our Carr (heavy) land grows high-quality milling wheat, so creating an on-farm bakery to use our homegrown wheat was an exciting next step.